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pair of Ko Shamo

Japanese Feathered Warriors

INTRODUCTION - Welcome to my homepage. I live in the United Kingdom (Lincolnshire) and I am a dedicated breeder of Asian gamefowl. The breeds which have my very special interest are the bantam-sized Yamato,the Ko Shamo and the large O-Shamo.

O-Shamo bred by -KOBUSHI-

INFORMATION - Anyone interested in genuine and reliable information on Asian gamefowl breeds either large or small should consider a membership with the Asian Hardfeather Club. This club covers Asian gamefowl breeding on the British Isles. They also publish an interesting club magazine. If you are interested than please contact the AHC Secretary at

Another option is the AHC affiliated Asian Gamefowl Society. This club has members in more than 20 countries worldwide. They also publish a clubmagazine (incl. color pictures) if are interested in them, than please the AGS Secretary at

INTERESTS - I am also very interested in contacts with other fanciers of these breeds, this to exchange knowledge and breeding expiriences on the above mentioned breeds. Another interest is to collect prints, books and articles on (Asian) gamefowl and in particular on the O-Shamo, Yamatyo and the Ko Shamo.

BIRDS FOR SALE - Occaisionally I have birds for sale.

typical Yamato head

CONTACT ME - Please email me at or give me a ring (mobile) +44-07714036371

With sportive regards, KOBUSHI